Sunday, July 12, 2009

Akuztik Pick: MEIKO

Kumusta mga marekoy!...Gusto kong ishare sa inyo ang isa sa paborito kong female artists ngaun. Si MEIKO.

I discovered Meiko's music in such US hit sh
ows like "Grey's Anatomy" and "One Tree Hill". Mula nun tuluyan na 'kong nahook sa angelic husky voice niya and catchy acoustic tune.

Born and raised in Roberta, Georgia and now resides in Los Angeles, California. She create big waves in 2007 when her self titled debut album released and become a charttopper in iTunes. And take note that she did that without the help of any major record label but still her songs downloaded about 200,000 times in iTunes.

Meiko repeat that success with the 2008 album that produces the brand new hit single, "Boys with girlfriends". The title track topped the iTunes chart and the album become the best selling CD on

So far napakaunderrated pa rin ni Meiko. Compared to some mainstream female artists, mas di hamak na mas magaling siya as a singer/songwriter. It's t0o bad that hindi available ang mga CD's niya dito sa Pinas. But you can listen to her music here for you to find out how talented she is.
Here's some sample of Meiko's fine acoustic sound:

Meiko _Boys With Girlfriends Live acoustic_.mp3 -

Boys with girlfriends Lyrics

Piano Song (acoustic) - Meiko

Piano Song Lyrics


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