Thursday, April 19, 2012


As many of y’all know, 21 year-old singer/songwriter KIMBRA has been getting a lot of music buzz lately, thanks to her collaboration with Gotye in the smash hit single "Somebody That I Used To Know".

Born Kimbra Johnson in Hamilton, New
Zealand, she released her debut album VOWS in 2o11 and won numerous awards in New Zealand and Australia and been listed as 'One to watch' in Rolling Stone Magazine. Kimbra's musical style harbours "smoky soul, flights of dazzling invention and intricate layers of deeply felt emotion". Comparisons have been drawn with Nina Simone, Bjork and the late Amy Winehouse. Check out some of her amazing live performances below:

Watching her sing sends chills down my spine, and that's in a good way she intended.

She can sing this real high notes on the chorus, and then switch to the lower notes on the bridge. Her range is incredible!!

She is amazing. I hope she makes it BIG as she deserves it. I can't stop listening & watching her videos. She's talented, beautiful & captivating!!