Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Elena Jane Goulding known professionally as ELLIE GOULDING is a popular musician in United Kingdom. Her debut studio album LIGHTS debuted at #01 on the UK Charts in 2010 and received mostly positive reviews from music critics. This year, she is ready to make a similar splash in America with her sparkling electro-folk-pop sound. Check out some of her best music below:

LIGHTS i love the studio version which is a modern folk-pop with a twist of electronica but this acoustic version is just purely beautiful!

THE WRITER awesome piano acoustic version! I could listen to these over and over. Closing my eyes and hearing her voice is heavenly, and the best to fall asleep to! (:

she has the most amazing voice I've ever heard. I just can't describe the feelings this song left me with. This is true talent.

This talented lady will be enjoyed by both fans of indie pop/rock and mainstream popular music; it serves as a great example of a fusion between the genres. I hope that more singers like Ellie Goulding come onto the music scene in the years to come!!