Saturday, May 25, 2013


One of the best new artist right now is Zsuszsanna Eva Ward also known as ZZ WARD. Her voice is amazing and unique. She does a fine job of mixing the old standards of blues, POP and some Rap and it's genius! I can't get enough of her music!! 
  ...playing this in the store where I work and it was worth listening. She needs to be famous right now!!

...what a gem track!! She's sort of a combination between Adele and Joan Osborne!!

  ...this is a great 'senti' song! Super fave!!

...the title track of her debut album- a must have album!! 

This girl is the real deal. I hope and pray that ZZ Ward makes more music of the exact same caliber, because she has a serious talent for song writing; not to mention that sultry and unmistakable voice!!
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