Monday, March 22, 2010

Akuztik Pick 10: Liz Phair

Check out these amazing acoustic songs from an artist in the 1990's that I had completely overlooked...I'm talking about the rock ch
ick Liz Phair!!

Stream the MusiQ below:

One of my favorite early song from Liz, this is a cut from her 1994 album Whipsmart.

Taken from the 2003 self titled album Liz Phair -which took her higher in the charts and introduced her in the mainstream audience.
Align Center

The following tracks below are included in Somebody's Miracle album (2005). It features a softer side of Phair, with themes of innocence, loss and love.

A smooth, beautiful song...reflecting her most confident vocals and clearer sound.

I really love the melody of this of the best track in the album.

A stunning performance!...
this song is a gem!