Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Meet JAKE BUGG, an 18 year-old singer/songwriter from Nottingham, UK. Influenced by the likes of  Don Mclean, Bob Dylan, Oasis, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, this lad is an amazing new talent, easily one of the major surprises of 2012!
With just an acoustic guitar and that beautiful raspy voice, JB is prepared to make it in the music biz the old-fashioned way! Check out his music videos below: ...i really love the indie feel of his songs! Excellently mixes modern and old, just fuckin brilliant!!! 

...really great songs, got it on repeat for i don't know how long! I hope people will appreciate the music, and not only like him because he's young and "cute'!! 

Visit JAKE BUGG Official website here
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