Friday, October 19, 2012


Russian-American singer REGINA SPEKTOR returns with her sixth studio album What We Saw From The Cheap Seats...This is such an amazing album! Regina has done it again in making something timeless, yet completely modern to each and everyone of us. I personally love all the songs, and can't help but listening to them wherever I go. Check out some of the tracks below: 

ALL THE ROWBOATS amazing lead single! i keep coming back to this video with the same amount of love as i did the first time i watched it. this is special, the most special!

DON'T LEAVE ME (NE ME QUITTE PAS) one of my favorite track in the album!..She always looks like she's enjoying what she sings. That's what makes Regina Spektor's songs so much enjoyable to listen to.  
HOW  sounds like one old beautiful ballad/love song! It's about a breakup song, but more than that.. I mean, this is one sensible breakup song, rather than Taylor Swift's all 3 albums combine.. Respect!.  
BALLAD OF A POLITICIAN  this is so hauntingly beautiful! another gem track in the album!
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