Saturday, October 24, 2009

BRITNEY SPEARS: THREE (Acoustic Version)

Stream here the latest single of BRITNEY SPEARS simply called "3" - another club-tastic offering from the blonde bombshell!

The single is poised to celebrate the released o
f THE SINGLES COLLECTION on November 23 (US) which isn't just a greatest hits CD...its actually an ultimate fan box set of all her singles plus loads of other goodies like a DVD of her music videos and a booklet featuring classic images.

Yes, she is again courting controversy here with lyrical content like "Three is a charm,two is not the same. I dont see the are you game?" and "If you dont like the company, lets just do it you and me. You and me...or three...or four..." o di ba?

But the bottom line is this is another irrisistably catchy pop confection that beats out most everything else on pop radio today.go girl!