Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KESHA: TIK TOK (Live & Acoustic)

Kesha Rose Sebert
or known by the stylized stage name KE$HA
is the newest female act that topped the charts with her debut single TIK TOK. At first, I thought the song was from The Ting Tings until I found out that she's also the female voice behind Flo Rida's Right Round.

The song was originally titled as "Dolla" then changed it to "P. Diddy". It was later confirmed by her record label that the final title of the track is TIK TOK.

I kinda like her stuff actually. Electro/Pop-rock with an atittude. Some of her songs are floating around the net too. Songs like Backstabber and Chain Reaction.

Do check it out! =)