Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Songs from New Moon Soundtrack

With the NEW MOON taking the world by storm, its hard to ignore the movie soundtrack to be featured here especially when I saw the album made it to the top of world music charts. I bought a copy the moment I heard that some of my fave indie artists are included on the track list. So without further ado, i listened to the album which comprises 15
rock/alternative tracks and personally, it has only 4-5 stand out songs the rest I found it very dull and boring. But if your really a die-hard fan of this movie plus artists like Muse, The Killers and Thom York from Radiohead all in one compilation, then this one is definitely a must-have.

Two cuts from the album are featured below with its
acoustic version. The first one from DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE with the song Meet me on the Equinox. Its the movie's first official single and is lot more poignant than Paramore's single for the first movie.

The second is Satellite Heart, a beautiful ballad this time sung by ANYA MARINA. Im glad that she's starting to get noticed in mainstream music scene coz she's really good as a singer songwriter with a great melancholic voice.

Music lovers looking to explore somewhat more edgy materials is the positive side of this soundtrack. If you like to discover new sound from new artists, I guess this collection is a great starting point!