Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Akuztik Pick 15: TRACY BONHAM

Okay, I have to admit that i find myself getting more and more into chick rock and TRACY BONHAM is no exception.

A classically trained violinist and pianist, Bonham burst into the music scene when her critically acclaimed debut album The Burdens Of Being Upright released in 1996 and spawned the hit single Mother Mother. Later that year, she was nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance and Best Alternative Album. Since then, she recorded two more EP's and two full length albums with moderate impact.

With her great vocals, songwriting skills and rock and roll sensibility, i really cant understand why Tracy Bonham wasn't more successful.

The following songs are some of my favorite from her track list:

KISSES one of the stand-out track on the first album. love the melody and the guitar hook. A very enjoyable to listen.

ONE HIT WONDER although she's kinda perceived as like this, this track is well written and show off her excellent voice. Another awesome track from Tracy!

Last July 13, 2010, Bonham's fourth studio album Masts Of Manhatta
released under the New York city indie label Engine Room Recordings. The carrier single is Big Big Heart and you can stream it below: