Saturday, December 19, 2009


I love it when two or more artists agreed to collaborate a song especially when they are very current and the ones that usually topped the charts and the record tills.

This year is no exception- their are song collaborations out there that really worth listening. Sometimes it make us surprise because of the unusual pairings (e.g. Taylor Swift and T-Pain
in Thug Story to Lady Gaga and Beyonce's Telephone) but what's more important is that they gave us a good material that is really entertaining.

Check out some of the best collaborations below:

BUTTERFLY Miley Cyrus/Billy Ray Cyrus
from Hanna Montana soundtrack, Miley sounds great when she sings ballad. It features "Achy Breaky Heart" singer Billy Ray who happens to be his dad!

I LOSE MY HEART Chris Isaak/Michelle Branch
Remember Chris Isaak? He's the singer behind the melancholic song "Wicked Game" in early 90's. This year, he released a new cd titled "Mr. Lucky Guy" and this song is one of my favorite cut in the album.

COME HOME One Republic/Sara Bareilles
I never thought that they would come together. This song really gives me chills...its so beautiful!

HALF OF MY HEART John Mayer/Taylor Swift
The collaboration plan started when Mayer guested in Swifts' Fearless tour. So here it is and was also released as the the next single from Mayer's latest work "Battle Studies".

This song is currently the #01 single in Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its a duet from rapper Jay-z and Grammy award winner artist Alicia Keys. The song is Empire State of Mind.


that's all folks!