Thursday, December 10, 2009


American pop rock band BOYS LIKE GIRLS are definitely one of the hottest act this 2009. They continue their mark on the mainstream music scene when they scored another chart topper/radio-friendly song LOVE DRUNK which also the title of their second studio album.

The bad thing about this band is that their sound is so generic. Sometimes you feel like listening to Blink 182 or Good Charlotte. But when it comes to their songwriting skills and highly melodic sound then you would give a credit for this band.

Take for example in TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE - once you hear the melody of the song it is really so addictive plus the fact that it features guest vocal from no less than country teen sweetheart Taylor Swift. Her voice is very well-suited to Martin Johnson (lead vocalists of Boys like Girls) and its really a very moving duet that stands as proof of its own title.

Surely, Boys Like Girls will continue to shine this 2010!

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