Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sounds like "HALO"

Kelly Clarkson is back with a new single, "Already Gone" a cut from her latest CD, ALL I EVER WANTED. The song is written by her together with One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder. But did you know that Kelly didnt want the song to be included in the album?

She claimed that only when the album was completed did she get to hear the final recording. It was then that she noticed that the backing track used in "Already Gone" has a resemblance to Beyonce's "Halo"
(Click the following song titles to compare and contrast the two songs).

Kelly phoned Teddy about this (which coincidentally, he's also the one who wrote Beyonce's Halo) and even her record label upon hearing that they will going to released this as her next single. But despite her protests, her record label released it.

Here's the acoustic version of ALREADY GONE:

I completely understand Kelly for being upset and applaud her for getting her side out there. But the thing is, I actually like the two songs most especially the acoustic version. After all, the song is radio friendly and now climbing on the chart.

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